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The term "Mile High Club" refers to two people engaging in sexual activity (sexual intercourse) at an altitude of no less than 5,280 ft (a mile high above the earth) in an airplane.

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Simply put, the Mile High Club is an informal term referring to the act of engaging in sexual intercourse while aboard an aircraft in flight. The name derives from the fact that aircraft typically cruise at an altitude of around one mile (5,280 feet) or higher above sea level.

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Slang dictionary mile high club or mile-high club or m.h.c. [mahyl hahy kluhb] March 1, 2018 What does mile high club mean? The mile high club is a slang term for people who've had sex during a flight. Mile high alludes to the high altitude of air travel and club refers to the act's rarity and exclusivity. Recommended videos Powered by AnyClip


In June 1914, at a historic aeronautical-safety competition in Paris, a 21-year-old American daredevil pilot-inventor named Lawrence Burst Sperry stunned the aviation world by using the instrument.

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Have you ever wanted to do it in the air? Did you know the first members of the Mile High Club were actually on a hot air balloon? Do any airlines offer a mo.

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The Mile High Club refers to people who've had sex on a flight at least a mile above the ground (5,280 feet). 2. Lawrence Sperry, the inventor of the autopilot, is considered the first member of the Mile High Club. 3. Joining the Mile High Club on a commercial flight could potentially lead to legal consequences. 4.

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The mile high club is slang for people who have had sexual intercourse on board an aircraft whilst in flight. Mile High Club may also refer to: "Mile High Club", a song by Adam and the Ants from the 1981 album Prince Charming "Mile High Club", a song by Bow Wow Wow from the 1982 EP The Last of the Mohicans See also

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The phrase mile high club refers to an informal group of people who have had sexual intercourse on a plane. It's not an actual exclusive club. Rather, it's an unofficial group that a person "joins" once they have had sex in a plane while the plane is in transit. The mile high club is a slang term that is mostly used as a joke.

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Mile high club is a euphemism that refers to a highly unofficial group, composed of those who have had sex in an airplane in transit Where did mile high club come from? People have been using this expression, which may be described as jocular, offensive, or jocularly offensive, for over 50 years now. Please note that this is not a real club.

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Love is in the air, literally. Yes, the Mile High Club - that famous global association whose membership can only be attained one way, has long been discussed and referenced in popular culture. But how many people have actually gotten amorous on an airplane? A new study has revealed some interesting results.


Here is the bottom line: When it comes to the Mile High Club, if you're doing it in the bathroom, you likely can't get in any serious trouble. You could be banned from the airline, maybe, but.

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Mon 7 Feb 2022 11.40 EST Name: The mile-high club. Appearance: Sexy, up in the air. Age: Dates to the late 18th century. But that's well before the advent of powered flight.

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A member of the Mile High Club since 2014. I used to fuck a flight attendant. This one time, we found ourselves on the same flight when she wasn't working. She saw me get up to go to the.

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Mar 9, 2021 By Bertrand Duperrin Lawrence Sperry mile high club Urban legend, myth or reality, some of you asked us what the Mile High Club was and, for those of you who knew, whether it really existed. Technically speaking, the Mile High Club gathers together people who have had an "intimate experience" in an airplane in flight.

Love is in the air Would you join the Mile High Club? LuggageHero defines it as "two people engaging in sexual activity… at an altitude of no less than 5,280 feet (a mile high above the earth) in an airplane." According to's American Romance on the Road survey, some 33 percent of American fliers are interested in pursuing membership (43 percent of men vs. 22 percent of women).

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