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Say hello to the new GTS. Vespa photo. GTS means Granturismo Sport. At a glance, the 2023 Vespa GTS ($7,799 base) doesn't look all that different from the old GTS 300 HPE models. Vespa's latest 300 lineup gets revised wheels, resculpted seats, new designs for the glove box and leg shields, updated mirrors, and some other styling changes.

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Test der Höchstgeschwindigkeit der Vespa GTS 300 Super hpe mit Cruiser Windschild Tacho vs GPS. Cooles Zubehör für eure Vespa bekommt ihr hier: https://bit.l.

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GTS 300. Understated, restrained and with the renowned Vespa elegance, this is a scooter for those who like to get around with the minimum of fuss and bother. Beige Avvolgente. $ 7,799.

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December 29, 2020. 2020 Vespa GTS 300 Vespa. Urban riders who are looking for a little more power from Vespa's lineup will look no further than the GTS 300. This model is powered by the Italian.

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The 17.5 / 26.0 matches all the docs for the GTS and Supertech E3,E4,E5 in all markets. Googling says that the M45TM is for the Sei Giorni but I think only in Asia/Pacific. (my supertech is an M45MM) And the MP3 300 HPE manual says: Max. power 19.3 kW at 7,750 rpm.

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De VESPA GTS 300 heeft een topsnelheid van 128,8 km/h. 🏋️‍♂️ Hoeveel weegt deze motor? De VESPA GTS 300 heeft een leeggewicht van 158,0 kg. ⛽ Wat is de benzine capaciteit van deze motor? De VESPA GTS 300 heeft een brandstofcapaciteit van 8,50 liter. SOORTGELIJKE VOERTUIGSPECIFICATIES. Ktm exc 400 2001.

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Fully upright, the suspension is stiff, but not overly so. The 2020 Vespa GTS 300 also now has ABS both front and rear as well as traction control, which can be disabled for a bit of scooter hooliganism. The 220mm rotors get those wheels stopped quickly and confidently with a dual-piston caliper fore and a single-pot out back.

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The Vespa GTS SuperTech features an exclusive 4.3-inch full-colour TFT display which provides immediate and easy-to-read trip information. The Vespa MIA package comes as standard on this model, allowing you to connect your smartphone and bike and to unlock functions that make every trip even more enjoyable. It also includes a GPS navigator*.All this comes on top of the 300cc HPE, one of the.

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The Vespa GTS 300 weighs 350 pounds, and the maximum weight it can carry is about 775 pounds in total. This makes it one of the heaviest scooters even when taking the engine size relation to weight into consideration, but it isn't the heaviest. The SYM Citycom 300i has the same engine capacity of 278cc, yet it weighs 412 pounds.

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Models. Recommended retail price (excluding VAT) GTS Super 300 Sport $ 8,099. GTS Super 300 Tech $ 8,499. Discover Piaggio GTS Super 300: consult the technical data sheet, consumption, prices and colors available. Find a dealer and book an appointment.

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Vespa GTS Super 300 HPE Drivetrain. - Traction control- 278 cc High Performance Engine- 23.8 hp @ 8,250 rpm- 19.17 lb-ft @ 5,250 rpm. The real selling point here is still the engine 'cause this is.

Vespa GTS 300 Super Sport Scooter Central Your OneStop Scooter Shop!

The GTS SuperTech has some additional features that we'll cover later. You have four Vespa GTS 300 trims to choose from, including the SuperSport (right) and the SuperTech (left). Not shown are the Super and Classic. The new powerplant, which is the same in all four trims, displaces 278.3cc, making 23.8 horsepower and 19 pound-feet of torque.

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Vespa's GTS 300 HPE draait grotendeels rond de nieuwe High Power Engine. Nog steeds een watergekoelde 300cc, viertakt eencilinder, maar nu zuiniger en volgens de grafieken in de persvoorstelling goed voor 12% meer kracht en 18% meer koppel.. Je zal sneller optrekken dan het gewoonlijke autoverkeer en de topsnelheid ligt nog steeds een.

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The latest Hipster model is the HPS 300, and it has a dry weight of 135 kg, a displacement of 249 cm3, and 24.8 hp.. To mark 75 years since the introduction of the first Vespa, the company debuted a new and improved Vespa GTS Super 125 in 2021, which boasted 13.8 horsepower, a dry weight of 160 kilograms, and a wheelbase of 1380 millimeters.

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A Frozen Gray Vespa GTS 300 Super with Akrapovic exhaust and fairing takes to the highway for a top speed run.

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3 out of 5 (3/5) The Vespa GTS 300 isn't exactly cheap when compared with other scooters, but you'd expect that, being it's the premium arm of the Piaggio operation. Prices start at £6k.

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